About the artist

“I have two different ways to pursue my art; I like to paint people and places.” commented Sam Johnston, artist of versatile passions.

His subjects include people of all ages in a wide variety of settings, reflecting not only the artist’s innate talent, but also his years of classical studies of the human form. As he observed in a recent interview about his portraiture, his aim is to paint people in such a way that he involves the viewer with the personality of the subject.

Sam paints landscapes in oil from scenes near his home in Carmel Valley, CA , to which he was drawn by the spectacular countryside and small town warmth. Leaving New York, where he studied at the Art Students’ League, he embraced the rural California setting as his inspiration. He creates a visual dialogue between the painting and the viewer, a chat between old friends, who appreciate the artistic bounty of the California’s Central Coast.

Whether contemplating the lacy shadows of the Mesa Trail or admiring the sparkling immediacy of a portrait, the viewer feels a satisfying appreciation of the artist’s rendering. Sam’s work is collected around the country and is particularly popular in Monterey County, where his images have a special appeal to those who know the terrain. For more information about Sam Johnston’s portraits and landscapes, please call the artist at 831-392-6275.

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